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  1. Yang, Hui-Wen
    (1) "中小學數位學習深耕計畫之創新擴散模式應用研究:以臺南市高中教師為例 " (TERA:00200) [ Session: PosterSession2 ]

  2. Yang, Kuang-Yu
    (1) "A study on using Rasch model analysing the reliability and validity of the scale and the differential item functioning analysis of “The Humorous Joke” Test." (TERA:00193) [ Session: TERA09 ]
    (2) "Effect of Pokémon GO on cognitive performance and emotional intelligence in gifted students between 5th grade and 6th grade." (TERA:00194) [ Session: TERA07 ]

  3. Yang, Kuay-keng
    (1) "家長與學生共同參與科學探究活動之效益探討" (TERA:00139) [ Session: TERA17 ]

  4. Yang, Shu Ching
    (1) "高雄市國小高年級學生英語閱讀困難、英語閱讀動機、英語閱讀策略、英語閱讀態度和英語學習焦慮之研究" (TERA:00067) [ Session: PosterSession1 ]

  5. Yang, Ya-qing
    (1) "運用創造力改善臨床護理測量頭圍模式" (TERA:00132) [ Session: PosterSession1 ]

  6. Yang, Yung-Wen
    (1) "國中特殊教育教師於氣候變遷教學之現況" (TERA:00082) [ Session: TERA04 ]

  7. Yeh, Shin-Cheng
    (1) "Explore the immoral but legal waste management behaviors among Taiwanese college students" (TERA:00164) [ Session: TERA04 ]

  8. Yen, Su-Lan
    (1) "The Research using Decision Tree Analysis on the Attitude and Cognition of the School Green Building and Conservation Materials among the Elementary School Students" (TERA:00086) [ Session: TERA09 ]

  9. York, Cindy S
    (1) "Structure vs Pedagogy; Increasing Learning and Achievement" (TERA:00071) [ Session: TERA03 ]

    (1) "教育改革在組織行為中的若干經濟議題 以培養素養為例,檢視執行成本與績效評量 " (TERA:00048) [ Session: TERA16 ]

  11. Yu, Ya-Chu
    (1) "Semantic Content of Mental Lexicon of Mandarin-Speaking Toddlers with Congenital and Bilateral Hearing Loss" (TERA:00035) [ Session: TERA03 ]